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What makes the Model 01 great?

Engineered with love

Heirloom-grade craftsmanship

From the hardwood and aluminum enclosure to the best mechanical keyswitches, we've built this keyboard to last a lifetime.

Designed for humans

The Model 01 lets you keep your hands and wrists in a more natural position so you can keep typing comfortably, longer.

Absolutely fully programmable

We let you create your own shortcuts and record macros and bind them to keys, helping you compute like a superhero.

Open source

Your keyboard comes with source code and a screwdriver: while the product works great out of the box, you can tinker to make it even better.

Traditional keyboards vs. Keyboardio

Your hands will thank you


The traditional keyboard was designed for typewriters, not hands.

Staggered columns made room for mechanical components, without concern for wrist angles or finger lengths. Shift keys were placed under the weakest fingers.

Most keyboards follow this 19th century design, even though we're typing more than ever.


Keyboardio designs keyboards for humans.

Hands sit in a natural position so your wrists and shoulders can relax. We've put all the keys within easy reach. Overworked pinkies get a break while your stronger thumbs pick up the slack.

It's a modern tool for those who type.

"Artists need great tools. If software is your art, you should be using this keyboard."

Harper Reed, CTO Obama for America

"I write thousands of words a day. Keyboardio handles that pace just fine and the layout makes typing all those words easier."

Thursday Bram, professional writer

"My Keyboardio is now my regular keyboard. Easy access to arrow keys without position change?! Mind blown."

Justin L., entrepreneur and rockstar

"A warm-feeling wooden keyboard"

Slashdot, August 2014

"The perfect keyboard... The near-final version of the board sports a split butterfly shape, plus keys in columns instead of staggered rows to create the ultimate typing experience."

Gigaom, June 2014

"My wallet fears the day this butterfly hits crowdfunding."

Gizmodo, February 2015

"...and you can burn it when the zombie apocalypse comes"

Tech Crunch, September 2014

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