Making keyboards better.

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What makes Keyboardio great?

Engineered with love

Heirloom-grade craftsmanship

From the best mechanical keyswitches to aircraft-grade aluminum construction, this is a keyboard that will last.

Your hands will thank you

We've designed our keyboard so your hands and wrists are in a more natural position to let you can keep typing comfortably, longer.

Absolutely fully programmable

We let you create your own shortcuts and record macros and bind them to keys, helping you compute like a superhero.

Use it everywhere

With Bluetooth that's tablet friendly to switches quiet enough to use in a meeting, Keyboardio can go where you go.

Open source

We ship with source code and a screwdriver: while the product works great out of the box, you can tinker to make it even better.

Traditional keyboards vs. Keyboardio

Designed for your hands


The traditional keyboard was designed for typewriters, not hands. Staggered columns made room for key levers, without concern for wrist angles or finger length. Shift keys were placed under the weakest fingers, making operation so difficult that Caps Lock was introduced. Most keyboards are virtually unchanged from this 19th century design, even though we're typing more than ever.


Keyboardio designs keyboards for humans. Hands sit in a natural position so your wrists and shoulders can relax. We've put all the keys within easy reach. Overworked pinkies get a break while your stronger thumbs pick up the slack. It's a modern tool for those who type.

"Artists need great tools. If software is your art, you should be using this keyboard."

Harper Reed, CTO Obama for America

"I write thousands of words a day. Keyboardio handles that pace just fine and the layout makes typing all those words easier."

Thursday Bram, professional writer

"My Keyboardio is now my regular keyboard. Easy access to arrow keys without position change?! Mind blown."

Justin L., entrepreneur and rockstar

The Team

Working around the clock and around the globe

Jesse Vincent

Jesse has spent the last 20 years writing software like Request Tracker, K-9 Mail, and Perl. He types... a lot. He tried all the keyboards before finally making his own. He's in charge of the technical side.

Kaia Dekker

Kaia noticed that people kept asking Jesse where he got his keyboard, because they wanted to buy it. "They could buy it from us!" she thought. Kaia worked in business strategy, management and marketing before founding Keyboardio with Jesse. She's in charge of the business end.

Brian Garvey

After a while, Jesse and Kaia's ambitious keyboard designs outpaced their mechanical skills, so they brought Brian onboard. Brian has built Formula 1 engines and gorgeous parquetries, and has a 5-axis CNC in his garage. He's responsible for the Model 01's aluminum enclosure.

Mike Kuehn

Every great (open) product has a great community supporting it, so Mike joined as community point-person. Mike prefers Colemak but can't stop changing his keyboard layout. He's in charge of keeping the community happy.

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